Since she was a child, Juliana had a passion for helping others, feeling a great satisfaction in her heart to see happiness in people around her. She decided to go to school and pursued her Bachelors in Psychology and Master’s in Mental Health counseling. In 2007, Juliana was one of the millions of people that were impacted around the World after watching the movie the Secret, and also received as a gift the book from her husband Andres. Since then, she felt in love with the Law of Attraction and started investing more time understanding and applying this marvelous Universal Law. Her life changed completely in October 2015 when Andres found out about an event that was going to be Live Stream from Bob Proctor. Even thought that it was their First Year Anniversary, they decided to spend the time watching the Live Stream Event all weekend. Juliana was amazed the way Bob taught this phenomenal philosophy and incredible information, and they both contacted PGI and found out more about their programs. In November 2015, they joined the PGI family as consultants facilitating the marvelous program thinking into Results. It has been a life changing not only at a personal and professional, also in all areas of her life. It is very rewarding to see how humanity can have all they want in life if they have the right direction. Helping others has always been Juliana’s passion, and now with Thinking into Results Program, her mentors Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher, she is now helping individuals and corporations all over the World to make quantum leaps in their lives.
Passionate for motorcycles since childhood, Andres emigrated from his origin country Colombia to the United States at the age of 15. He finished High School, went to College, and graduated with a bachelor’s Degree in Finance. While he was pursuing his studies and working a full time job for a local government in Miami, he discovered his passion for investments. While he was pursuing his associate’s degree, he decided to study the stock market by himself not taking regular classes at school for a while. He ended up developing and getting more knowledge from his own studies and mentors than from regular school. On December 12th 2007, he received a copy of the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne, a birthday gift present that he received from his sister Martha. One thing led him to the other, and he ended up watching the movie which changed his life forever. One day listening to his investment favorite mentor radio show ‘Julie Stav”, she mentioned the marvelous book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. Captivated by the name of the title, he bought a copy of the book, read it couple of times and applied the information from his level of conscious awareness, but results did not show much, until he came across with a video of his now mentor, master thinker, the one only Mr. Bob Proctor. Andres’s life was never the same, he fell in love with the way Bob explained every single piece of this phenomenal philosophy from Andrew Carnegie, passed to Napoleon Hill, then Earl Nightingale and Bob. He discovered a live streaming seminar in October 2015, exactly the weekend of his First Anniversary of Marriage with his wife Juliana. He proposed her to invest the whole weekend and celebrate this important date for both of them watching the live streaming called the Seminar of the Century by Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher than going somewhere else just to celebrate. What a magnificent and unforgettable weekend! After the seminar, Juliana and Andres became PGI certified consultants. In January 2016, Andres decided to quit his 8 to 5 job as an investment portfolio analyst to become an entrepreneur along with his wife with the mission to elevate the well-being of humanity and mother earth. Today, Andres and Juliana are so happy and grateful now that together they have created the lifestyle of their dreams successfully serving Thinking Into Results clients from all over the World to achieve their worthy goals in life.